Planked trout

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  • Ingredients:
    • Water
    • A 2-3 cm thick plank of oak or other ‘food safe’ wood
    • 1 whole trout (or any other fish)
    • Salt
    • Nails or wooden pegs
    • Optional Parsley, bay or other herbs

    Soak the plank for 3 to 4 hours, or ideally overnight in water. You could substitute the water for beer or wine.

    Prepare the fish by gutting, and removing the head, tail, and spine. Leaving the fish ina ‘butterfly’. Clean the fish and season the flesh with a little salt and any extra herbs. Fold in half, place onto the oak plank, nailing or pegging to hold it in place. If pegging you’ll need to drill some suitable holes into the plank.

    Place the plank near to a fire and leave to slowly cook for about an hour, rotating the plank by 180 degrees half way through. Ensure the fish is cooked through before serving.

    Taken from my book ‘Eat like a Viking!’ Available now on Amazon

    Published by The Saxon forager

    Wiltshire, UK based. I live with my wife & daughter, dog and chickens.

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